The organization L’Oasis Végan’imaux, which is based in France, promotes veganism through the application of the abolitionist approach to animal rights and helps animal refugees by giving them a lifelong home or helping them to find foster solutions.

The animals in the care of L’Oasis Végan’imaux are fed a vegan diet for reason of consistency and are provided with living conditions that fully respect their needs, without overcrowding. We regard them as refugees of animal exploitation, and that to help them is part and parcel of veganism.

The sanctuary does not receive grants and therefore survives solely on financial assistance in order to provide food and veterinary care for our animals. Donations are welcome, and we thank you in advance.

 If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Charter of L’Oasis Végan’imaux

  • As animals are sentient (they feel pain and emotions), L’Oasis Végan’imaux considers that they have the basic moral right not to be considered as the property of others.

  • L’Oasis Végan’imaux believes that helping animal refugees is an integral part of veganism, and that they have the right to life and optimal well-being based on their needs.

  • L’Oasis Végan’imaux informs the public about veganism for animals rights, explicitly and nonviolently. It is in accordance with the principles of the abolitionist approach.

  • L’Oasis Végan’imaux is against discrimination towards humans and nonhumans.

  • L’Oasis Végan’imaux objects to any and all forms of violence.